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ides, and strengthened international cooperation in the anti-epidemic fight to prevent it from spreading around the world. The WHO and the international community have spoken highly of China's prevention


and control work, Xi said, adding that China is willing to continue exchanges and cooperation with Cuba in the fields of medicine and epidemic preven


tion and control. -- Chinese President Xi Jinping talked over phone with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera at request, n


oting that the Chinese nation has experienced many ordeals in its history, but has never been overwhelmed. Xi said the impact of the epidemic o

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    n China's economy is temporary and generally manageable, and the fundamentals of China's long-term sound economic growth remain unchanged. While making unrelenting, solid and meticulous eff

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    orts in epidemic prevention and control, China will roll out a series of policies and measures to gradually restore orderly production and life and ensure realization of this yea

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    r's economic and social development goals, Xi said. -- The State Council Information Office held a press conference in Hubei Province on the progress of the epidemic prevention, control w


ork and medical treatment

in Hubei under the direction by the guidance team sent by the CPC Central Committee to the provi

nce. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing

about the p

revention, control work and treatment of COVID-19. As

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revealed by the NHC at the press conference, the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hubei outside Wuhan and that o

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